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    Displacer Type (HM-30, 90 S)

    Widely applicable level switch anti-flow of various liquid tank. model HM-90/30 is designed for liquid level control based on the unique and proven princijple of a constantly engaged magnetic field.

    Electrode Type

    Conductive type level switches are used for limit detection in tanks containing eletrically conductive liquids.

    Float Type (HM-12 (10)S)

    Designed for horizontal mouting in a tank or vessel through threaded of flanged pipe connections. Standard models are equipped with a single switch mechanism for high or low alarm or control applications.

    Float Type (HM-90 S)

    Model HM-90S is side mounting controls mount horizontally to any tank or vessel through a threaded or flanged pipe connection. Standard models are normally equipped with a single switch mechanism for high or low level alarm or control applications. Tandem models, when two level stage applications.

    Float Type (HM-95 S)

    Widely applicable level switch for antioverflow of various liquid tank. Model HM-95 units are siple, reliable float switches designed for top mounting to tanks or vessels. HM-95 units utilize a single switch mechanism and float.

    Float Type (HQ-66 S)

    This is the quick float type level switch which is designed for being used to control liquid level in the industrial fields as well as in the water treatment plant.
    Especially in the waste treatment plant, it is used not only to control liquid level but also to obtain the automatic working of a pump

    Float Type (HR-30 S)

    Model HR-30 is simple, reliable float switch designed for top mounting to tanks or vessels. And give dependable repeatability in the detection of high, low or intermediate loquid levels in almost any tank or vessel.

    Paddle Type (HLVS)

    HLV-Seires is using to measure the level of the medium in the tank and to
    transmit the alarm according to the purpose of users.
    This Level switch has the feature of strong structure, good reliability, long life time.

    Vibration Type (HTM-20N, HPV-20N)

    Vibration type level switch can application for solid & liquid. Level switches based on the tuning fork damping principle are eminently suitable for a wide range of bulk

    Vibration Type (HTM-920,921 S)

    HTM-920,921 series is a sensor measuring leel of powder or particles with small sizes in the storage silo using a resonant frequency. Especially, HTM-920 is designed as a two-type that the sensor and controller are separated each other, and HTM-921 is designed as a compact type that the sensor and controller are combined.