Pulsing System

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    Air Header

    The products of new idea and customer’s satisfaction

    JOIL Enterprise pursuing the best quality moving the customers, accumulated know-how and technology for 30 years, so it developed perfect AIR HEADER all-in-one valve to do its best for customer satisfaction.

    Bag Cage

    It has mass production format of high-quality through state of the art equipment.
    The various materials(STS,SS,etc.) according to terms of use can be produced – dia
    0100-0300,whole length 500-lO,OOOmm,straight 10-241ines.
    Separate order spec of customer can be produced.

    Cartridge Filter

    Large filtration area
    Maximum dust collection efficiency
    Compact design
    Operating at a pressure of less than 4.0kg/cm2
    Possible to design a filtration velocity of less

    Coil Cover

    > The cover is the carbonate material which has excellent heat resistance and acid resistance,so it has great protection function for the existing valve and new production installation.
    > The costs can be reduced because there is no needed to produce separate rain cover.
    > It has excellent acid resistance & bursting strength.
    > The dry state can be maintained by the property of matter of P.C. and the appearance is simple.
    > It has easy connection,so it is easy to be used.

    Diaphragm Valve

    – Diaphragm Valve
    JICI Coupling Integrated Type
    JICI Coupling Remote Type
    JICI Screw Integrated Type
    JICI Screw Remote Type

    Filter Bag

    (Considerations when selecting FILTER BAG) – Temperature of gas
    – Constituents of gas – Adhesiveness of gas – Moisture regain of gas – Size distribution of dust – Abrasiveness of dust – Electrostatic propensity of dust – Static pressure of blower – Dust collection method