Roots Blower

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    EK TYPE Roots Blower

    Light weight and high rigidity rotor made of engineering plastic. Low price and maintenance cost. Bed and silencer integrated. Small space for installation. 3 lobes rotor with simple concentric circle (patented). Snap ring assembly and taper inserting for no bearing damage. Low noise, low vibration, low pressure vibration. Air cleaner type silencer.

    KFM Roots Blower Made in Korea Import Product

    We, KFMC, not only value man and his creativity, but also develop their potential together.
    Acknowledging the benefit from nature to man, KFMC, has been practicing and adapting. the corporate culture, “Thinking of man Nature” and tradition, “Hard working,living frugally and honestly”.

    L TYPE Roots Blower

    “L” Direction of air flow. Simple structure. Class 1 gear. Ball or roller bearing. Lip type oil seal. lobes spur or helical impeller. Splash oil lublication. High Volume efficiency.

    T TYPE Roots Blower

    “T” Direction of air flow. Designed for high pressure. Class 1 Gear. Ball or roller bearing. Lip type oil seal. 3 Lobes spur or helical impeller. Durability. High Volume efficiency

    UP TYPE Roots Blower

    Power saving with CVT pulley. Tip Seal.  Enclosure enabling outdoor operation.  Free air flow direction (Horizontal or Vertical). Standard component for all models. Precise first class gear. Ball/roller bearing.